"As there is a door in the soul which opens upon God, so there is another which opens on the recremental deeps, and there is no doubt that the deeps come in when opened effectually. There are also the powers of the Abyss. -- There is a Black Art and a White Art -- a science of the Height and a science of the Abyss, a Metratron and Belial." - A.E. Waite

Akhkharu was summoned forth from an astral sleep when a great and shadowed calling issued forth from the lips of Tehom. The altar of Malkuth was set forth and the two querents gathered the ancient knowledge from shadowed scrolls to set forth a gathering of immortals.

This highly enigmatic musical cult has realized three compositions in their time. The following of which are:
Akhkharu "Nosferatium Scriptoris" (cassette album) Ishnigarrab Recordings 036
Akhkharu "Nosferatium Scriptoris" (cassette album-limited edition in bag) Ishnigarrab Recordings 037
Akhkharu "The Chronicle of Shadows: the first scroll of the awakening - Chapters I-III" (cassette album) Ishnigarrab Recordings 051
Akhkharu "Nos Noctium Dominarium" (cassette album) Dark Age Productions 014

The third cassette album of Akhkharu, now made available from Dark Age Productions, presents seven summonings of highly ritualistic low-frequency masterwork...exploring the dominion of night. Await the coming of Lilith and her children, as cold voices of the Sumerian past narrate the rising of the vampyric archetypes and conjure bleak tales of paradoxical tongue and ancient knowledge. Take the journey through disturbingly hallowed landscapes...

...and our books are the books of Chaos and of the Flames, and our books are of the Shadows and of the Shells. We worship the heaving earth and the ripping sky and the rampant Flame and the Flooding Waters. Hail Tiamat...

Ave Calix Sanguinis Lilitu dom Tehom
Ave Calix Sanguinis Bnu Rev Ku Ran A