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Last updtated: 14th of july, 1996

So, will the New Mayhem be going to the Milwualkee Metalfest this year?
It doesn't look like it folks. The only certain thing here is that a bunch of people seem to be pissed off. C'est la vie.

New Location of the page. Yes, this is still the "Unofficial Mayhem Web Page" - but Leda decided to stop running it. I honorably accepted the job to keep this page running.
My plans? - Well, if I won't be able to update the page as often in the future as it has been in the past, it may have several reasons, one of them, obviously, being that The New Mayhem is still in their starting period. Hopefully, sometime in the future, we will be able to make this page the "Official Mayhem Web Page" - in the spirit with all the other bands presented under Heksheim.
Keep sending information, if you have it - and most importantly, if you find something you know to be an error, do not hesitate to write.
Thanks to: everybody who supplies information and corrections. It wouldn't work without you.
and, of course, thanks to Leda for running this for so long; and who did it so well.

This page was made for Netscape 1.1 and monitors capable of 65k colors (sVGA)
If you have any more information or questions, send them to me.