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"Return of the Ancients" demo I - 1991 (4 tracks (not for sale))
"The Temples of Offal" 7" EP - 1991 (3 tracks (out of print)) Gothic Records
"Emalf Tneicna Eht Fo Gninrub" live performance video - December 3, 1992 (7 tracks)
"Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L." LP/CD - 1993 (7 tracks) Gothic Records - THIK CD01
"Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L." LP/CD - 1994 (7 tracks) Osmose Productions - OPLP/CD 020
"An Evening of Neo-Pagan Moon Worship" live performance video - May 15, 1993 (6 tracks)
"Fantasizing To The Third of The Pagan Vision (Qouth the Sky, Nevermore) ACT II" Music Video - 1994 - Eyecatcher Film & Video Production
"Dumuzi Apzu/Equinox Rite And Rehearsal" live rehearsal video - March 20-21, 1994 (7 tracks)
"The Sun Of Tiphareth" LP/CD - 1995 (11 tracks) Osmose Productions - (OPLP/CD 029)
"Never Blow Out the Eastern Candle" Unreleased track for - "World Domination" CD - 1995 - Osmose Productions (OPCD 032)
"...And Shineth Unto the Cold Cometh..." 7" EP - 1995 - Osmose Productions (OPEP 005)
"Besital Invasion" Cover track for "Destruction" - Tribute CD - 1996 - Full Moon Productions
"The Third Storm of Cythraul" LP/CD - 1996/97 - Osmose Productions (OPLP/CD TB A)

"The Sun Of Tiphareth"

..Tiphareth Cover (OPCD/LP/CS 029)
  1. Apzy
  2. Feis mor Tir Na N'og (Across The North Sea To Visnech)
  3. Cyntefyn's Fountain
  4. A quest Into The 77th Novel
  5. Our Lust For Lunar Plains (Nox Luna Inlustris)
  6. The Coming of War
  7. The Sun Of Tiphareth

Other Absu related Releases


"Nindinugga Nimshimshargal Enrilla" - (The first, full-length release from this experimental and avant-garde side-project of Absu. This features six songs, which are actual ceremonial rituals for Mesopotamia, Solomon, and the essence candlelight. It is only recommended for certain ears where spirits have flown backwards! PICTURE-DISQUE VINYL, CASSETTE, & CD FORMAT. Available through Unisound, Osmose and Relapse) . $13 LP/$12 CD/$20 CD


'Seventh Key Creations' Compilation Vol. I featuring. Equitant's "The Fallen Walls of Agurak Part II" - (Taken from his first promotional EP in 1993, Absu's Equitant will take you back into a great epic of darkness, ancestral blood, and the mystical lands of Ireland. CASSETTE FORMAT ONLY. Available through Dark Age Productions - US East Office.) - $5 CS

"The Great Lands of Minas Ithil (City of Isildur)" - (From the mystical lands of Ireland, the dark kingdom of Agurak has risen once again! This cassette EP is now re-issued through "Dark Age Productions," uniquely packaged with new cover art, lyrical passages, and slip case box. This 40 minute excursion of hymnal glorification's will order honor in Agurak Kingdom! CASSETTE FORMAT ONLY. Available through Dark Age Productions.) - $5 CS


'Seventh Key Creations' Comp Vol. II featuring. Proscriptor's "De La Fletus Des Athroll (After The Massacre of Glencoe)" - (Taken from first promotional EP "I am The One," Absu's Proscriptor is crying out his hatred for the human manifestoz. The "De La Fletus." epic is a Scottish and Occultic folk song based upon who he really is from the powers of Thoth and a past existence. CASSETTE FORMAT ONLY. Available through Dark Age Productions - US East Office.) - $5 CS

"The Venus Bellona" - (Absu's Proscriptor McGovern has composed 21 hymns of Scottish folklore, fusion, oscillation experimentation's, pre/post wave, and progressive art-musick. Initiating from the Glenorchy District in medieval Pictland, the emperor reveals his first vein through the dominion spellcraft of Thoth. It is authentic musick like none other, including a bizarre cover of "I Ran (So Far Away)" by 'A Flock of Seagulls.' Hail the serpentine of the six-fold star - Hail to Scotland! DOUBLE LP, CASSETTE, & DIGIPACK CD FORMAT. LP available through Dark Age Productions - US Main Office and CS & CD available through Unisound) - $22 LP/$12 CS/$20 CD

Coming Soon!

"Debut Album" - (TBA. For "Of God's Disgrace Productions" in 1996. Once again, the legend of Agurak has returned with penetrating inspirations from Celtic and Gaelic myths, as well as German fables. This album will also include a cover of "War" by the kings of BATHORY, which will exclusively feature Proscriptor handling drum and vocal work. An epic, ancient, and ambient journey into an eternal reign if glory!)

"Legenden Von Feuer Und Stahl" - (TBA. For "Cruel Moon Productions" in 1996. This second album is a new concept and approach concentrating on the ancient gods of Germany and it's surrounding mythology. Hinweg Der Winterwinde!!)

"The Serpentine Has Risen: A Styx Remembrance" - (2nd mcd for Unisound)

"726" - (3rd album for Unisound)

"Shaftiel" - (The long awaited and anticipated mini-album from Absu's Shaftiel due in 1996/97)


ABSU - "Dumuzi-Apzu"/2-sided/3-color/black shirt/sleeve prints/TS & LS/Available through Osmose and Relapse.
ABSU - "The Sun of Tihpareth"/2-sided/3-color/black shirt/sleeve prints/TS & LS/Available through Osmose and Relapse.
ABSU - "The Sun of Tiphareth"/2-sided/3-color/black shirt/sleeve prints/TS & LS/Available exclusively through Stage 3. (This shirt features original artwork on front and photos on back; very different from Osmose shirt.)
ABSU - ".And Shinth Unto The Cold Cometh."/2-sided/3-color/black shirt/sleeve prints/TS & LS/Available through Osmose and Relapse
ABSU - "Of Celtic Fire, We Are Born"/2-sided/2-color/grey shirt/sleeve prints/TS &LS/Available through Osmose and Relapse.
ABSU - "The Third Storm of Cythraul"/ /2-sided/3-color/black shirt/sleeve prints/TS & LS/TBA through Osmose and Relapse
ABSU - "...Cythraul" klan badge/uniquely designed metal pin with infamous serpent & dagger sigil design/TBA through Osmose.
EQUIMANTHORN - "The Vernus Bellona"/2-sided/2-color/red shirt/LS only/Available exclusively through Dark Age Productions - US East Office and Unisound.

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